Bike Week increases risk of motorcycle accidents in Boca Raton, West Palm

A recent motorcycle accident in Orlando has Boca Raton personal injury lawyers reminding motorcyclists who are headed to Daytona for Bike Week to use extra caution on Florida roadways. The popularity of this event increases the likelihood of motorcycle accidents in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Naples and elsewhere in the state.

March 4th marks the start of the 70th annual Daytona Bike Week. This popular 10-day event attracts over half a million people each year. Loads of activities which include street festivals, parties, concerts and motorcycle races, make it the most popular motorcycle rally in the United States.

We are reminded of the tragedies that can occur in traveling to these events by My Fox Orlando, which reported about a recent crash on Florida’s Turnpike. The roadway was shut down for several hours after the Orange County Fire Department responded to a motorcycle crash involving a semi tractor and trailer. A wrecker was needed to lift the front axles of the truck off of the victim who was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Tampa Bay Online reminds motorcyclists to use extra caution this week. It is reported that 60% of Florida vehicle-motorcycle crashes are caused by drivers of the vehicles according to Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition.

Motorists should use the following safety tips in looking for bikers on the roadways:
-Use extra caution when making left turns as most crashes between motorcycles and vehicles occur when making a left-hand turn.

– Not all motorcycles are loud so look twice and save a life.

-Distracted drivers are often the cause of motorcycle accidents so pay attention and don’t get distracted. Taking your eyes away from the road doubles the risk of getting into a crash.

-Motorcycles aren’t always visible so drive with the expectation they are there even if you can’t always see them. Looking for a helmet, tires, or shadow beside vehicles you can’t see around is often helpful in spotting bikers.

-Be mindful of blind spots before merging or changing lanes, especially when traffic is congested.

-Pay particular attention to side streets where motorcycles may not see you and pull out in front of you.

Bike Week is popular among bike enthusiasts, family, and friends who enjoy getting out to partake in the many activities and festivities that occur throughout the week. Motorists are reminded to be extra careful in watching for motorcyclists on congested highways and streets in order to avoid a South Florida car accident.