Aggressive Drivers Targeted to Improve Road Safety in SWFL

Aggressive driving is dangerous for everyone.  This is especially true for those in cars and large trucks, particularly when these two groups drive aggressively around one another.  Officials with the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) have launched a specific enforcement effort targeting these dangerous behaviors through the holiday travel season with the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACTS) campaign.  Running through December, officials with the FHP will be working around the clock to raise awareness about the dangers of aggressive driving, especially when large trucks are involved, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).


Officials with the FHP will be looking for drivers who are tailgating, making unsafe lane changes and those who are exceeding the posted speed limit.  And in addition to increased patrols, officers will in the air to alert troopers who are on the ground of those who are driving dangerously.  There will also be billboards lining our roadways with the message “Don’t Hurry, Be Happy and Drive Safely” to remind motorists to keep it cool and keep it positive behind the wheel.

Our Cape Coral car accident lawyers understand that large, commercial vehicles can get irritating sometimes.  They seem to travel so slow and they take up so much room. But it’s important to remember that these vehicles travel much differently than our passenger vehicles do and that they can produce some serious outcomes when involved in an accident.  It’s more important than ever to keep our cool behind the wheel while traveling among these large vehicles.

“Aggressive driving can lead to crashes and the size of a vehicle makes a different in the severity of the crash,” explained Colonel David Brierton, Director of the FHP.

To help to keep your cool and to help you stay safe around large, commercial vehicles, officials with the FHP issued the following safety tips:

-Stay out of a truck’s No Zone.  This is the blind spot areas that surround these large trucks.

-When passing a large truck, do so with caution.  Make sure you leave plenty of room and maintain your speed.

-Avoid cutting trucks off.  These vehicles cannot stop as quickly as our vehicles.

-Keep your patience.  Remember these vehicles take longer to get going and longer to stop than our vehicles.  Keep it cool.

-Avoid distracted.  Anything that takes your attention off the road, even for a second, could produce deadly results.  Never take your attention off the road for a phone call, a text message, the radio, passengers, eating or anything else.

Remember, aggressive driving can be deadly.  Most of us know it when we see it, but law enforcement officers define it as occurring when “an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.”

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