100 Deadliest Days for Teen Car Accidents in Boca Raton

Teenagers aren’t in school anymore, at least for the summer, and their risks for car accidents in Boca Raton and elsewhere are alarmingly high. During this time of the year, we see the 100 Deadliest Days for teen car accidents on our roadways nationwide. When teens are let out of school they hit our roadways in full force. Unfortunately, many of them don’t hit our roadways with the best of driving habits. For this reason, parents are asked to sit down with the teen drivers in their family to reiterate the importance of safe driving skills, especially during the summer travel season.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), approximately 3,000 teenagers die every year across the country because of car accidents, accidents that could have been avoided. In addition, there are typically another 400,000 injuries transported to emergency rooms nationwide.

Our Boca Raton accident lawyers understand that nine out of the ten deadliest days for teenage drivers on our country’s roadways occur between May and August. For this reason, we’re asking parents to step in and to speak up! We urge parents to create a parent-teen driving contract to make sure that the rules of the road are clear as well as the consequences for breaking these rules. Teenagers need to be held accountable for their actions behind the wheel.

What to include in your parent-teen driving contract:

-Which car your teenager is allowed to drive. This car should have a driver’s side airbag and should be relatively easy to maneuver.

-What your teen is responsible for with car maintenance, including gas, oil changes, etc.

-Rules for chipping in on car insurance.

-Make sure that you and your teen keep clear communication for everything involving the car and the roadways.

-An agreement to keep passengers out of the vehicle. Passengers only increase a teen driver’s risks for an accident.

-An agreement to obey all posted road signs, written road laws and rules listed out in your family’s parent-teen driving contract.

-An established curfew. Don’t allow teens to be out driving too late. The later it gets the higher their risks are for an accident.

-Communication rules regarding where your teen is going, who they’re going with and when they’ll be retuning.

-A set of consequences for disobeying these rules.

You may not believe it, but parents are some of the most influential people in a teen driver’s life behind the wheel. Be sure to set a good example when driving with your teen. Teens tend to mimic their parents actions so set a good example and help to instill safe and responsible driving habits in them.